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Wild Roots Black BBQ Fire Pit Stove Box - Mini Log Burner

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Do it all with the only multi-function portable outdoor stove of its kind! The only firebox that is not just a Winter Tent Stove, can be used as a Mini Log-burner, Cooking Stove for pans, but also turns into a BBQ and is also an open fire-pit. Yes it's true, its here the one solution for all fire camping needs. 

We designed this because there simply isn't anything like this on the market, there are plenty of options true! However all focusing on just one use, we spent a lot of time testing all the competition out there. Try it and see, but we can honestly say without a doubt, we have the best multi-functional outdoor camping stove out there. And don't think because our's is way cheaper that we are skimping out on quality! The truth is people and businesses are greedy, we operate on honest and fair profit margins - order one and see for yourself!

On Stove to rule them all!

Hot Tent - Winter Tent Stove Function 
highly portable, easy to use, and built to last. From canvas tents and tepees to recreational shelters, this stove is a dependable heating and cooking solution. Camp in the middle of winter and be toasty warm!

Mini Log Burner For vans - *take it to the next level 
You can safely use this stove inside a van like a mini log burner, by buying on of the flashing kits and installing them in your van. Allowing you to stick out the pipe chimney when needed. You can get a plug to cover the whole when not in use. So you can have a movable stove in your van and still make use of all the features 

Cooking Stove - Portable Kitchen
provides you with cooking versatility- using a frying pan, warming food, boiling water and fire roasting. It also helps you save the extra space of storing and carrying a separate cooking equipment. Simply remove the circular upper cover plate, place your pot on top and let the power of fire do the rest 

Solid Open Fire Pit - Leaving no Trace
A solid, stable movable fire pit allowing you to have an open fire anywhere you like. Leaving no trace behind, making it ideal for fussy campsites too. Furthermore with the use of the chimney you can also enjoy a fire without smoke in your eyes ,as the smoke will fly past your head height 

Ultimate Flaming BBQ Set Up 
By using the grill insert, you also have a choice of having a BBQ at anytime. This is the gold finishing touch to this incredibly versatile bit of kit! No more fiddly portable BBQ's, risking your hard worked dinner to the floor. 

Dry your Kit in the winter 
The side racks also double up as handles, which don't heat up. So you are able to move the stove even when lit. If you got wet socks, gloves and other bits of clothing you can hang them on the racks they should be toasty for you in the morning 


Precision-crafted in AISI304 Stainless Steel and built to last

German Scott high temperature resistant glass Sides - Rated to withstand temperatures up to 800°C

Finished with US Forest high temperature resistant paint. Rated to withstand up to 600°C that's one long lasting coat 

Compact and pack-able all within the stove 

Highly portable-Nesting legs and shelves fold flat to the stove body

Wide 2-leg design helps keep the stove stable on uneven surfaces

Door and ash drawer features a rubberized ball knob 

3 sided glass window for fire management and ambiance lighting

Air-control damper to regulate fire

Chimney Sections allowing you to choose the height to your preference 

Level side shelves lend cooking versatility and double as a carry handle

Round lid, pan cook hole removable with easy access 

BBQ Removable grill and slot grooves 

Included Bits

1 x Stainless steel grill
7 x Stainless steel pipes pieces
1 x Stainless steel spark arrestor pipe
1 x Ash pan drawer
2 x Stainless steel side racks and handles
1 x Round lid, pan cook hole
1 x Square lid, for stove mode
4 x attached foldable legs
3 x German Scott high temperature resistant glass sides

Note Carry Box - Is an extra accessory 


Packed Size: 264W*498D*330H mm
Unpacked size: 536W*498D*446H mm
Assembled Height: 2650 mm

Pipe Sections
Pipe length: 325mm
Pipe diameter: 60mm

Weight: 15 kg