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Ultimate Lightweight Titanium Cooking Pan Set

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The ultimate lightweight bikepacking cooking set - All you need in one package! 

Titanium Ultralight

Made of premium titanium, ultralight, never rust, anti-corrosion from acid and alkali, scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. Titanium is a human-friendly metal, the oxide layer on the surface does not have any reaction with the drink, maintaining its original taste.

What's included in Set  - Total Weight 230g

1 x Cooking Pot 1100ml  - Ideal for boiling water and cooking, comes with foldable handles which makes it ideal to use as a cup for your morning brew too | Size (⌀)117mm x (H)110mm | 0.4mm thickness

1 x Pan 300ml - with foldable handles, ideal to cook some eggs or some veg to add to your pasta while on the road | Size (⌀)124mm x (H)42mm | 0.4mm thickness

1 x Mini Ti-Stove - Extremely lightweight. It only weighs 26g with a height of 60mm. and extremely compact. Comes in a little carry pouch. Smooth flame adjustment, Super easy. Just flip those pot support legs out and twist the stove on your canister. Uses screw on gas cartridge 

1 x Spoon - Ti utensils are built to last and this is no exception. Sturdier than plastic or wood, this set of titanium cutlery is sure to last you for many years to come.16cm long | spoon width 38mm

1 x Fork - Both the fork and spoon are foldable and super compact. The do lock out when unfolded using the slide on lock. 16cm long | fork width 26mm


Cooking Pot 1100ml | Size (⌀)117mm x (H)110mm | 0.4mm thickness

Pan 300ml | Size (⌀)124mm x (H)42mm | 0.4mm thickness 

Mini Ti-Stove | Size (⌀)81mm x (H)60mm | 26g

Spoon | Size (⌀)150mm x (H)38mm 

Fork  | Size (⌀)165mm x (H)26mm