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Titanium Foldable Outdoor Camping Grill

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The ultimate outdoor cooking accessory

This grill is perfect for putting over any fire pit or campfire, whether you’re out in the garden or away on camp. The collapsible legs fold away and it packs down flat for easy portability. It is made from Titanium, so weights 760g including the carry case 

It’s sturdy too, with the ability to support heavy cast iron cookware. So, whether you’re cooking over a wood fire, grilling over charcoal or simmering pans above flames, you’ll get perfect results, every time.

Titanium Ultralight

Made of premium titanium, ultralight, never rust, anti-corrosion from acid and alkali, scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. Titanium is a human-friendly metal, the oxide layer on the surface does not have any reaction with the drink, maintaining its original taste.


Foldable Stainless Legs - A solid fold away set of legs, made from stainless steel

Carry Bag - Comes with a carry bag with a cord lock


Length 330mm
Width 245mm
Thickness 2mm
Weight 760g

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sam Piper
Very useful and well designed

I wanted a trivet for putting large pans over small gas burners a d for popping in the fire pit. This has worked perfectly for both functions and slides back inside a cover so you can bang it in your backpack after.

CW Owen
Titanium folding grill or is it a table?

This is a very sturdy product. I bought it with the idea to use it as a mini table for our camp cooking set up - rather than buying a ubiquitous folding aluminium (and plastic) one. This is only slightly smaller, pretty much the same weight, but much, much stronger - and given that it is designed as a grill, its definitely heat proof! On delivery, I decided to buy a second one. I think these will last forever, and the obvious quality difference (of the aluminium table) easily justifies the more expensive price. I have no doubt that it would perform well as a grill.