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Selle Italia SPORTOURER FLX Lady Gel Flow Saddle 170 x 255 mm

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Sportourer FLX Lady Gel Flow Saddle, Comfort and Safety Redefined for Women Cyclists

Ride Further, Ride Safer, Ride in Comfort

The Sportourer FLX Lady Gel Flow saddle redefines the cycling experience for women. This meticulously designed saddle prioritizes both comfort and safety, allowing you to conquer longer distances with confidence and style. It seamlessly blends innovative technologies with premium materials, ensuring a pleasant and secure ride from start to finish.

Unparalleled Comfort with Every Pedal Stroke

Experience the difference with the Sportourer FLX Lady's "Soft Touch" saddle panels. Crafted from high-performance materials, these panels deliver exceptional comfort on even the longest rides. Their unique construction provides both a soft, inviting feel and the necessary support for optimal power transfer. Additionally, the strategically placed gel inserts further enhance comfort by absorbing road vibrations and reducing pressure points.

Enhanced Visibility for Safer Rides

Safety is paramount, and the Sportourer FLX Lady prioritizes it with its innovative "High-Viz" technology. This unique reflector system incorporates reflective inserts strategically placed on the saddle. These inserts significantly enhance your visibility, particularly in low-light conditions, ensuring you remain seen by motorists during dawn, dusk, or nighttime rides.

Designed for the Female Form

The Sportourer FLX Lady features a specifically designed shape to provide optimal comfort and support for the female anatomy. This ensures a more natural riding position, reducing pressure points and promoting improved blood flow. Additionally, the saddle's lightweight FeC Alloy frame guarantees durability without compromising weight, allowing you to focus on conquering your goals.

A Perfect Fit for Every Rider

The Sportourer® FLX Lady comes in a variety of sizes (S-Flow) to ensure a perfect fit for every woman. With its comfortable design, innovative safety features, and lightweight construction, this saddle empowers you to ride further, explore more, and experience the joy of cycling in complete comfort and confidence.

Invest in Your Ride: Choose the Sportourer FLX Lady

The Sportourer® FLX Lady Gel Flow saddle isn't just an accessory – it's an investment in your cycling experience. With its focus on comfort, safety, and performance, it allows you to elevate your rides to a whole new level. So, upgrade your saddle, embrace comfort and safety, and experience the freedom of the open road with the Sportourer FLX Lady by your side.