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Wild Roots Portable Sauna Hot Tent Wood Burner Stove

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An authentic portable sauna experience, amplifying the remarkable health benefits of saunas through our innovative portable sauna tent! Heated by our remarkably efficient unique wood stove. Take advantage of the well-established sauna health benefits. Enjoy the experience in your backyard, while camping, after a cold plunge or surfing and beyond! It's not a gimmick, it doesn't just do the job, it will exceed your expectations! You will be shocked, happy and all your mates will want one - that we guarantee!  

This is a Game changer, Nothing like this on the market!

Portable Hot Sauna Tent - can reach up to 100°C if you wish
We will be honest here, There is no words, pictures or even videos that will do this product justice! All we can say is it's not a gimmick like everything else on the market, this really allows you to have a legit sauna experience anywhere you wish. Not to mention you get to experience a sauna with a view even on the beach if you wish.

Bringing a product like this to the market isn't easy. We put it all in the product, we don't believe or have the funds for marketing! We believe in word of mouth, we might be "old school", but a decade in here we are. Our tactics is different, we are giving them away for now! So if you are smart, you get one now, because we will put the price up once all your mates want one 

Portable - Enjoy the experience anywhere
Powerful - up to 100°C 
5 minute set up - Pop the tent, ignite the stove 

Heats up in 20 minutes - go for a quick swim & its ready
Affordable - less than a yearly Gym membership 
Efficient - Wood fired, easy on the monthly bills
Discrete - Stealth black, smart looking tent 

Portable Log Burner - Winter Tent Stove Function & More
Highly portable, easy to use, and built to last. From canvas tents, tepees, yurts, sheds boats or recreational shelters. You can also use this sauna stove as a regular Log burner stove to heat up an enclosed area! This stove is extremely 

Portable Outdoor Stove  - Toasty with no smoke in your eyes or smoky cloths 
You can also use this stove while camping outdoors, the stove will keep everyone sitting around it nice and toasty! You will burn through a lot less campfire wood, you wont be battling flames and smoke in your eyes and your cloths won't be smoked. We designed the stove in to have a double function, as you can use the our thermal sauna tents as a hot tent in winter too - simply do not use the rocks and do not pour any water. 


Precision-crafted in AISI430 Stainless Steel and built to last

German Scott high temperature resistant glass Sides - Rated to withstand temperatures up to 800°C. Self cleaning with flame soot burns off and keeps clear

Stove is designed to heat a 8cbm suana tent in 20-30 minutes to 70-100°C 
Compact and pack-able all within the stove, fold-able legs and rocks tray

Highly portable-Nesting legs and shelves fold flat to the stove body

Protective steel liner shield fully covers the stove, for safety and heat retention.

The shield liner is also designed to re-channel the heat to the volcanic rocks, ensuring they stay sizzling hot - just like a normal sauna

Fire Baffle plate, designed to create hot air chamber to heat volcanic rocks, removable so you can fit flue pipes inside while in transport 

Front door opening and ash drawer for easy cleaning

2 Carry handles cut into the Shield liner 

1 sided glass window for fire management and ambiance lighting

Chimney Sections allowing you to choose the height to your preference, and come with an spark arrestor end piece 

Included Bits

1 x Sauna Stove 
5 x Stainless steel pipes pieces
1 x Stainless steel spark arrestor pipe
1 x Ash pan drawer
1 x Rock Foldable Box (4 pieces)
1 x Fire Baffle Plate

NOTE: Volcanic Rocks - Sold separately. You will need these, DO NOT use normal rocks as they will contain moisture! You need to use Volcanic Rocks


Stove Size: 270W*488D*426Hmm
Foldable Legs Height: 80mm
Chimney Pipe Height: 360H mm
Flue Pipe Diameter: 90mm
Foldable Stone Tray: 269W*270D*150Hmm
Total Weight: 16 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Peter Walmsley
Amazing Value and Great Results

I've been after a sauna for the garden for a while now. This Wild Roots sauna is amazing. Since purchasing just over a week ago I've already had it up to 70c and I've been in it most days. I can't praise it highly enough!!

Chris Render
Wow! Just wow!

This sauna heater is a real pocket rocket. Got my tent upto 75 degrees in 25 mins. The whole unit glows red hot when it's really firing

Justin Curtis
Portable sauna stove

Pleased with the stove, came quickly and well packaged. Feels solidly built and will hopefully last a long time. I've used a couple of times, second time I got the tent above 80c within 25 mins. A good sauna sess, the stove performs well.