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Portable Folding Titanium Wood Burning Stove

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No fuel to carry. No bulky stove to pack. Simply brilliant.

Stoves and fuel are usually among the heavier and bulkier items on any adventurers pack list. No longer. This incredibly lightweight titanium camping wood stove not only burns the twigs and branches you find lying around your camp - it also packs down flat!

Multi-fuel capability (wood, fuel tablets, spirit burners, any organic material). High cooking temperate the chimney effect produces temperatures above > 500 °C simply put its Incredibly efficient! With only a few small twigs you can boil half a litre of water in under 4 minutes

Titanium Ultralight Made of premium titanium, ultralight, never rust, anti-corrosion from acid and alkali, scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. Titanium is a human-friendly metal, the oxide layer on the surface does not have any reaction with the drink, maintaining its original taste.

Ash Tray & Base - There has a ash filter base in the bottom, the ashes after burning can be quickly discharged in time, prevent excessive ash from extinguishing the burning fire. The base also secures the stove in place giving it structure 

One piece foldable design - All parts of the stove can be folded or disassembled and put in a storage bag, then stored into the base, which makes it the most compact foldable stove in our range 

Versatile - There are four brackets, they can be used to place pots/pans etc on the top. or used to place alcohol stove in the middle. The brackets adopt a wave-shaped non-slip fixing design, which is more stable and safe.

Ash Tray & Lid - The stove also has an ash tray to catch the falling ash, and it can also be used as a lid to form a storage box with the stove for storing cups and more.

Carry Bag - Comes with a compact carry case


In Use : (L)178 x (W)135 x (H)185mm
Packed : (L)178 x (W)135 x (H)31mm
Thickness 1mm
Weight 585g