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Endurex Bike Straps

by Banana

Original price £7.99 - Original price £7.99
Original price
£7.99 - £7.99
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Don't be silly, strap your....... Whatever needs strapping with the new Endurex Bike Strap from Banana Industries. Simple yet satisfying this Silicone Ribbed bike strap is designed to give you ultimate grip and performance wherever you may need it.

Used to secure inner tubes, bananas, spare battery packs, shovels, tools and just about anything else you can think of. 

Our wave silicone rubber pattern creates a secure non-slip surface to attach items and stops friction damage to the bike.

Apparently size doesn't matter which is why these straps can accommodate  anything from 5cm diameter all the way up to an impressive girthy 40cm by interlinking all 3 straps together.

We're no corporate giant trying to shaft you up the back country. We keep it real and charge only what's fair

Before using this product please ensure you are familiar with the grip it and rip it technique. Banana industries will not be held responsible for any friction orientated injuries. In the unlikely event of a strap splitting or snapping please be aware that if you choose to carry on then do so at your own risk.