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Collapsible Outdoor Camping Stove with Piezo Ignition

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We tested out so many stoves through the years as avid outdoor campers, we can honestly say after a lot of testing, this is one of the best ones we have used!

It's Solid
It's Stable
It's Compact 
It fits small to big pots 

This is a small lightweight tool that makes all the difference. We call it the shovel as it works great as one! You can use it to scrape your portable mini grill. Its got a flat head so can't be used as a spoon, but works as a spatula while cooking too 

A good camping stove is an efficient stove and the wide burner head spreads heat evenly across your pan base. The advantage of a gas canister stove over a multi-fuel stove or liquid fuel stove is the ability to control the flame with a spin of a knob allowing you to cook rather than incinerate.

Just like most climbers, mountaineers, wild campers and adventurous backpackers. Stable, wind resistant and highly fuel efficient, these designs are also compact, lightweight and powerful enough to take along even when weight and pack size are at a premium

With a gh power of up to 3500W, even heating distribution. Hiking stove takes around 3mins to boil 1L water (change with weather, fuel, and cooking ware accordingly).


In use:  170 x 98mm
Packed:  92 x 98mm
Rated Speed: 3500w
Ignition: Piezo 
Weight 365g

Customer Reviews

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Bigger than expected!

A saucepan from home will fit on it with no problem!! Economical on gas yet has a very strong flame. Not for ‘ultra light’ campers but packs down well for a backpack or just keep it in your van!