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Why Roof Tents?

Why Roof Tents?

Back in the day when banana was still an attic operation in 2016. I just got my driving licence, couldn't afford a van and wanted to fulfil my dream of a summer around Europe with the lads. So I bought a £800 car and a £1500 roof tent, the rest is history! 

  3 mates on the road, no money, 3 bikes = best holiday till this day! If you look at the wheel arch you can see how inefficient we were at packing. Not to mention yes there was one of us in there somehow you could still breath. I can go on and on, but lets get back to the roof tents as quite a few of you asked why?

Well since then I had a few vans and campers, but I still have a soft spot for the roof tent! To keep it short here is why you should get a roof tent:

1) Affordable & versatile - you can remove it in winter, allows you to maximise space inside the car or van. You will find different set ups and uses for the different features along the way 

2) Best night sleep - Feel that breeze, with an amazing view, no insects get in with the netting. Comfortable mattress and just the experience of being high up rather then curled up in your van

3) 60 seconds Set up - Not going to lie my roof tent definitely was a 15 min set up. However we are in 2023 now, roof tents have come a long way, they are easier to set up than a tent.

4) Fuel MPG - Well yes they add some drag, but no more than your bike rack with your bikes on top! Still cheaper than driving your van, and you can spend the  money on a more economical everyday vehicle

5) Quality Gear - Our Wild Land roof tent range are the best roof tents on the market! According to me yes, a guy who had one for 2 years! I went all over Europe on a month long trip, at one point I also lived in it for a stretch of 3 months! We stocked these as I was blown away by the patented technology they offer at a very competitive price!   

I wanted to give other people the opportunity to experience unforgettable memories! Plus we are Banana Industries, there is nothing we can't sell! But we do choose to sell only quality products that we believe offer something the competition doesn't.

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Need Help or Advice?

If you need any help choosing the right tent for you don't hesitate to get in touch. We can provide you with friendly advice and point out some honest factors you should consider!

Collection: Note you can collect it rather than paying for shipping. Collection from Sheffield, S91BS - Please get in touch for collection

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