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Aleppo Soap -Syriana Solidarity Handmade Olive & Laurel

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The solidarity soap Syriana is a 100% organic and plastic-free soap, which is handmade according to Syrian tradition exclusively with olive and laurel oil.

Thanks to the synergy between its two components, Aleppo soap has nourishing, revitalizing and restructuring properties, which are given by the high fat content in the oil, which is why it is often recommended for washing and caring for stressed, dry and brittle hair.

1% laurel oil, 99% olive oil

5% laurel oil 95% olive oil
20% laurel oil 80% olive oil

thanks to, the profit goes to the education of Syrian children in southern Turkey.

Country of manufacture: Türkiye
Weight: 190 gr.
Variation: 1% laurel oil 99% olive oil